Celebrating Stingray: Barry Gray

Interview Andrew Blair 13 Mar 2013 - 07:00

Andrew salutes seminal TV theme composer Barry Gray, whose work with Gerry Anderson became the earworm of a generation...

There are many memorable images in the shows of Gerry Anderson, and it is nearly impossible to disassociate these from the incidental music supplied by composer Barry Gray. From The Adventures of Twizzle to Space: 1999, Gray was an instrumental part of AP Films/Century 21 Productions, contributing story ideas, incidental and theme music.

Stingray's opening titles are, as previously discussed, spectacular. Typically for a Gray composition, it's brass and percussion heavy, and catchier than influenza. The March of the Thunderbirds and other pieces are played by brass bands and orchestra’s to this day. On top of this, his interest in electronica resulted in his producing effects and music for the Amicus film Dr. Who and the Daleks, utilising ring modulaters and an obscure
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