Lip Service is groundbreaking – whatever its star says | Claudia Cahalane

BBC3's new drama, Lip Service, at last shows that lesbians can be just as cool, sexy, funny – and normal – as straight women

After watching the first episode of the hot new lesbian drama Lip Service last night, I think the star of the show, Ruta Gedmintas, has underestimated what a programme like this means for gay and bisexual women.

The actor, who plays bad girl Frankie, said in Saturday's Guardian that the programme is not groundbreaking.

Queer As Folk had a groundbreaking status because there hadn't been a show like that before. But we're not trying to do anything that hasn't been done before. We're just making a relationship drama," said Gedmintas.

But the fact that it's "just a relationship drama" is exactly the point – our lives being normalised and turned into one of these twenty/thirtysomething dramas is hugely significant.

Lesbians make up a significant proportion of the
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