Big Tits Zombie: DVD Review

Director: Takao Nakano. Review: Adam Wing. Well they do say that two is company, but when it comes to big tits in another dimension, does anyone really expect me to believe that three is a crowd? Takao Nakano certainly has his hands full on this one, helming a movie that not only comes with the most intriguing title of the year, but quite possibly the coolest twist as well. Big Tits Zombie is a Japanese splatter-fest delivered in good old-fashioned - headache inducing - don’t forget your cheap cardboard glasses - state of the art 3D. With less emphasis on state of the art and more emphasis on cleavage. That’s right guys and gals, if it’s half naked babes wielding chainsaws you’re after, look no further - Terracotta Distribution has just unleashed the film for you. With Japanese adult stars Sora Aoi and Risa Kasumi on their tail,
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