Second Inappropriate Comedy Trailer Starring Adrien Brody

Freestyle Releasing has released the second trailer for their upcoming movie InAPPropriate Comedy, starring Adrien Brody, Rob Schneider, Michelle Rodriguez, Ari Shaffir and Lindsay Lohan. Brody stars as “Flirty Harry,” a hard-nosed cop with a flamboyant sense of fashion, while Lohan plays Marilyn, a woman who gets her revenge on the paparazzi who chase her. Vince Offer‘s sketch comedy is scheduled to light up theaters on March 22nd, 2013. Synopsis: “In the laugh-out-loud sketch comedy film InAPPropriate Comedy, a computer tablet full of the world’s most hilariously offensive apps breaks through the borders of political correctness, stirring up cultural anarchy; with a star-studded cast including Adrien Brody,...
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