Hurwitz to Fans: 'Arrested Development' Movie Ain't Happening... Yet!

As we all eagerly anticipate May's new season of "Arrested Development" in the form of 14 episodes to premiere on Netflix in one fell swoop, you might be asking yourself, "Hey, wasn't there supposed to be a movie too?"

Creator Mitchell Hurwitz thinks you should maybe stop feeling so entitled and be thankful for the 14 you're getting, as Indiewire reports from a SXSW panel (along with show stars Jeffrey Tambor and Will Arnett) that plans for a movie have stalled due to two minor factors: No Script, No Studio.

"All of this was to be act one of this bigger story that we have, in a lot of detail, actually, for the movie," explained Hurwitz. "What we don't have is a movie deal. Know anybody? [laughter]"

He goes on to explain that it is indeed 20th Century Fox's property, and that even though the new season is "non-repeatable" and a "one-off" it
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