Toughest Place to Be a … Taxi Driver; Shetland

A documentary about a London cabbie given a taste of Mumbai's hot, anarchic streets could have been macho and pointless. But it offered a fantastic insight into life in urban India

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The title makes it sound like a "seriously" show: the kind of posturing, almost fact-free documentary presented – on what I can only presume is some kind of hardman-for-hire rota system – by either Danny Dyer or Ross Kemp. I call them "seriously" shows because, in my limited time as a viewer, the word has appeared in almost every other sentence, lending an ominous weight to otherwise banal pronouncements such as: "These young drug dealers are seriously unfriendly." Or: "This beef is seriously past its best-before date."

It would be fair to say then that I sat down to watch Toughest Place to Be a ... Taxi Driver (BBC2) – the
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