Jurassic Park Behind-the-Scenes Featurette Shows the Creation of the Animatronic Dilophosaurus

The latest Jurassic Park featurette from the Stan Winston School of Character Arts spotlights the animatronic and puppeteer work that went into creating the small yet violent Dilophosaurus. In 1972 Stan Winston established Stan Winston Studio. Corralling some of the finest designers, engineers, sculptors, painters, machinists and technicians, the work that came out of the Stan Winston Studio was, from the start, widely recognized as the state-of-the-art in character creation. Over the years, the studio grew from a room in Stan’s garage to a fully-staffed workshop of hundreds of artists, all working to give filmmakers something that exceeded their wildest imaginings. Always eager to embrace new technologies, Stan Winston helped pioneer the digital revolution including co-founding Digital...
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