Robert Pattinson’s Sexy Blonde ‘Twilight’ Co-Star Calls Him ‘Beautiful’

Rob can’t help that he was ‘born beautiful,’ says his sexy blonde ‘Twilight’ co-star, who recently gushed about the actor and all of his sexiness in a new interview. Find out which star has a crush on Rob!

Robert Pattinson is used to women fawning all over him, but this time, one of his Twilight co-stars may be the one with a crush on the 26-year-old actor.

MyAnna Buring, who stars in Twilight with Rob, spoke to Marie Claire magazine and had nothing but wonderful words to say when describing Rob.

MyAnna Admires Rob’s Looks

Robert Pattinson was born beautiful, he was just one of the lucky ones,” MyAnna says.

Despite Rob’s sex appeal, the actress also compliments his onscreen presence.

“Robert is a really great actor a lot of people forget that,” she says. “To play dark and brooding and in lust and in love with someone is not that easy.
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