Kristen Stewart: How I Am Healing After My Foot Injury

After showing up to the Academy Awards with crutches, KStew is back on her feet and spending quite a lot of time with her former ‘Twilight’ costar. No, we’re not talking about Rob!

Kristen Stewart injured her foot on a piece of glass prior to the Academy Awards, forcing her to hobble down the red carpet on crutches. However, she has reported that she is much better now. With Robert Pattinson gone, she’s clinging onto a new man while she heals. Her long-time friend and sexy costar Taylor Lautner is filling in while RPatz is away!

Kristen Stewart And Taylor Lautner are Inseparable

Kristen may be sad that Rob disappeared to Australia, but she’s got Taylor to keep her company. The friends are finally getting some quality time together. She told Entertainment Weekly, ”It’s been so long since we’ve been in [L.A.] at the same time.
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