The CW Wants "Wonder Woman"

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The CW, Warner Bros. TV, and DC Comics continue to develop a new "Wonder Woman" TV series, in the realistically 'grounded', dramatic style of ratings winner "Arrow".

In the new "Amazon" pilot script by Allan Heinberg ("Grey's Anatomy") the focus is on 'budding' young 'Diana of Themyscira', and the powerful 'Amazon' female warriors she grows up with, before she realizes her destiny as the world's superhuman 'Wonder Woman'.

The best known adaptation of the 'Wonder Woman' character was the three-season live-action series in the 1970's, starring actress Lynda Carter as the 'Amazon Princess' and her alter ego, 'Diana Prince'.

The original 'Wonder Woman' was created by William Moulton Marston, (aka 'Charles Moulton') who saw the educational potential of comic books and in 1941 was hired as a consultant for "National Periodicals/All-Winner Comics" (DC Comics). He created his female superhero, in
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