Wreck-it Ralph – The Blu Review

I’m surprised it took this long to come up with a concept like Wreck-it Ralph, the hilarious, arcade-game-hopping journey from Disney which was something of a Toy Story for a generation weaned on Nintendo and Sega. Wreck-it Ralph was a lot of fun (much more so than Brave which took home the Oscar last week). Wamg’s Jim Batts gave the film 4 ½ stars (read his review Here)


Now Wreck-it Ralph has been released on Blu-ray and, unsurprisingly, it looks spectacular. Sharpness consistently appears immaculate on the Br disc. Even the widest shots of the “Sugar Rush” racers zooming around the track demonstrated excellent clarity, as every aspect of Wreck-it Ralph looked detailed and distinctive. No issues with jagged edges or shimmering materialized, and I saw no edge haloes or processing concerns. Of course, print flaws weren’t a factor, as they stayed away from this unblemished presentation.
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