Jj Abrams Worked on Iron Man 3 Script, Joss Whedon Fixed The Quick and the Dead

IGN caught up with Robert Downey Jr to talk about "Iron Man 3." The actor revealed that the film ran into script issues several times, which is why director Shane Black had to reach out to Jon Favreau (Iron Man, Iron Man 2) and also Jj Abrams (Star Trek). "There were a couple times in 'Iron Man 3' where our lifeline was we'd call Jon Favreau. [But Favreau] reached out to Shane a bunch, particularly in the first 'Iron Man,'" said Downey. "Then we reached out to Jj Abrams at one point when we were really confused in Act III, and he helped us, too." In related news, Sam Raimi said that he asked Joss Whedon for help with his "The Quick and the Dead" movie. "In 1994, I was making 'The Quick and the Dead' and having a script problem, and I came to the studio and said,
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