'Watchmen' Star Jeffrey Dean Morgan & Anthony Hopkins Take 'Solace'

After playing The Comedian in Zack Synder's film adaptation of Watchmen, it looked like Jeffrey Dean Morgan was poised for breakout success. But starring in a series of disappointing movies like The Losers, The Possession, and Red Dawn hasn't done much to convince the public that he's more than a poor man's American version of Javier Bardem. But hopefully this next project will put him back on the rise, as THR reports Morgan is joining Anthony Hopkins and Colin Farrell in a supernatural thriller called Solace. The film marks the English language debut of Brazilian director Afonso Poyart (Two Rabbits). Read on! As the iconic Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs, the Oscar-winning Hopkins has experience playing someone with a peculiar specialty who is called upon to help stop a serial killer. He'll be doing something similar here, starring as a former doctor with psychic abilities who's recruited
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