Is This What 'Tomorrowland' Is Really About?

Is This What 'Tomorrowland' Is Really About?
There has been a ton of speculation about Damon Lindelof and Brad Bird's sci-fi collaboration "Tomorrowland" (named after a Disney theme world), formerly titled "1952." Plot comparisons to Steven Spielberg's "Close Encounters" had fans extremely excited, and then a fascinating article from entertainment journalist and Disney expert Jim Hill popped up that took the mysterious project in a slightly different direction.

Hill claimed the film, inspired by a box of Disney World memorabilia circa 1952, would be based on an unproduced television series that the U.S. government approached Walt with. The show would reveal to American audiences that those alien buggers they had been hearing about all over the news were real. A scoop on website HitFix, however, suggests yet another possibility — one that could be even stranger than the "UFOs are real" plotline. A leaked synopsis being used by a Hollywood agency to cast the 2014 film reads as follows:

"A teenage girl,
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