What Did You Watch This Weekend?

There was not a pot of gold at the top of that beanstalk... or rather there was but it had already been raided to build said beanstalk in the first place.

Box Office Wide

01 Jack The Giant Slayer *New* $28 Review

02 Identity Thief  $9.7 (cum. $107.4)

03 21 And Over  *New* $9.0

04 The Last Exorcism Part II  *New* $8

05 Snitch $7.7  (cum. $24.4)

Given Jack the Giant Slayer's gargantuan budget ($200 million), and the loss of the family audience next weekend when Oz: The Great and Powerful cuts it off at the knees beanstalk (har-de-har-har), this has to be a regarded as a face plant (plant. get it, I... never mind). Unless its overseas take is significantly better.

Box Office Platform

01 The Gatekeepers $.2 (cum. $.6)

02 Stoker *New* $.1 Review 

03 No $.1 (cum. $.3) Review

04 Hyde Park On Hudson  *$.04 (cum. $6.2)

05 Stand Up Guys $.1 (cum. $3.2)

Though Stoker had a non-spectacular 'highest-per-screen-average of any movie' claim this weekend, I always wonder why genre efforts with famous
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