'Red Widow' review: ABC's answer to 'Breaking Bad'? Not quite

ABC's new drama "Red Widow" attempts to blend cable style storytelling with the network's brand of female-driven serials: Think "Breaking Bad" meets "Desperate Housewives," except with just one housewife.

It's an ambitious goal, based -- inevitably -- on a preexisting idea. In this case, that's the Dutch series "Penoza," which serves as inspiration for executive producer Melissa Rosenberg ("Dexter," "The Twilight Saga") as she explores the story of Marin County mom Marta Walraven (Radha Mitchell) who is drawn into the world of the Russian mafia after the death of her husband (guest star Anson Mount of AMC's "Hell on Wheels").

The intriguing concept gets an awfully prolonged set-up in the first of two hours premiering on ABC Sunday night. The opening stretch intends to establish Marta's marriage, the couple's three children, various family relationships and her husband's life of crime. He makes his living exporting marijuana, but a recent bad
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