What I Watched (and am Reading), What You Watched #183

I'm going to start by telling you about a book I just started reading, titled "The Searchers: The Making of an American Legend" by Glenn Frankel and I'm hooked after only the first 25 pages. The main thing to note is that while Frankel delves into the making of John Ford's The Searchers, a film considered by the AFI to be the #1 American Western of all-time, his primary focus is the story that inspired it and how the film stuck to that story and diverted from it. Now, again, I'm only 25 pages in, which is hardly enough reading to give any kind of review of a 416 page book, so I'll let the book's description do the rest of the talking: In 1836 in East Texas, nine-year-old Cynthia Ann Parker was kidnapped by Comanches. She was raised by the tribe and eventually became the wife of a warrior. Twenty-four years after her capture,
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