300: Rise of an Empire Logo Revealed

Up until this point, there has been very little released for 300: Rise of an Empire , but now the official 300 Facebook page has revealed the logo for the upcoming sequel. Check it out below. We would like to point out that the banner for the film doesn't list the film's supposed release date (August 2) but instead opts for a generic "2013." Rumors began circulating yesterday that the release date for the film has been changed and given that it already shared the weekend with Red 2 and the Denzel Washington film 2 Guns , a move does make sense. We'll let you know if a change in the official release date is announced. The movie, a follow-up to Zack Snyder's 300 (in turn based on Frank Miller's 1998 comic book miniseries), is expected to tell, in part, the...
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