Michael Sheen Thinks Babies Ruin Everything

  • TooFab
So, the happiest/saddest breakup of all happened the other day, and no, I'm not talking about Michelle Williams and Jason Segel, because I'm just so whatever with them. No, I'm talking about Rachel McAdams and Michael Sheen, and it's a happy thing because Rachel is way more awesome than Michael Sheen could ever hope to be, but it's sad, too, because Michael Sheen probably dumped Rachel McAdams because he didn't want more fourteen-year-old children running around and interfering with his Big Movie and Theater Career. Sources close to the couple claim that Michael was just so over kids, having one himself with Kate Beckinsale, and Rachel wanted nothing more than to start a family. Boom - instant discord. Poor Rachel.Know who I bet really, really wants children and wouldn't be a senior citizen (or, you know, dead) at his son or daughter's graduation party? Ryan Gosling. Just saying.
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