Interview: Director Bryan Singer on Giants, CGI, His Career & More

He's directed numerous X-Men, Superman, Tom Cruise, Verbal Kint and Dr. House, but before getting back to the X-Men, he visited the land of giants. In theaters this weekend is Jack the Giant Slayer, directed by Bryan Singer (of Public Access, Usual Suspects, Apt Pupil, X-Men, X2, Superman Returns and Valkyrie), starring Nicholas Hoult as in an epic new take on the Jack and the Bean Stalk story. I interviewed Bryan when offered the opportunity recently, as a fan I couldn't say no even though we couldn't talk about X-Men. But we did talk about Jack before his return to Montreal for seven months of work on Days of Future Past. My interview was conducted over the phone with Bryan Singer. We were asked by the publicist to keep our questions specifically related to Jack the Giant Slayer and not any other movies. I always wish I had more time
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