Lil Poopy Disses Justin Bieber, Fires Back At Raunchy Video Critics

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After his controversial music video of ‘Pop That,’ the 9-year-old rapper has taken to Twitter to say that he doesn’t care about those who are ‘hating on a youngin.’ But they’re not the only ones hating, as the rapper mentioned another young pop star — Justin Bieber — on his Twitter.

Lil Poopy is hitting butts and taking names. Well, sort of. The rapper, who was discovered on YouTube, tweeted that he “don’t sweat it,” when referring to those who are talking bad about his music video and his father, who got slapped with child abuse and neglect charges for letting his son rap about drugs and violence and hit a woman’s backside in his new video. Then, he took a stab at Justin Bieber.

Poopy Reacts To The Haters

“Coke Boy” is how Lil Poopy often refers to himself, but his real name is Luie Rivera Jr.
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