Watch Lena Dunham's Zero Dark Thirty Audition Tape

There is no real reason to mesh HBO's Girls and Kathryn Bigelow's Zero Dark Thirty. or at least, I didn't think there was until I saw this video. Comedian Chelsea Davison has a pitch-perfect impression of Girls star Lena Dunham in her back pocket, and instead of using it to comment on the show itself-- there's more than enough of that going around the Internet as it is-- she uses it to record Dunham's so-called audition tape for the Jessica Chastain role in Zero Dark Thirty. It's kind of amazing. Take a look below. Of course, this is more of an impression of Dunham's self-absorbed Girls character Hannah, but given how willfully Dunham blurs the line between the two it seems fair game. And in fact, Dunham is a fan of the video as well, having tweeted this last night: Um, this girl is very funny and has me
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