Craig Bewer Getting Down With ‘The Gangster Princess of Beverly Hills’

Craig Brewer is following his Footloose remake with The Gangster Princess of Beverly Hills, an adaptation of a Rolling Stones article that was published last summer.

The article in question is about Lisette Lee, who pretended to be a heiress to the Samsung fortune, as well as an actress, singer and model. It was later revealed that she faked all of that and in reality was a drug mule. She was caught trafficking 500 pounds of weed into Ohio and was given a six-year sentence. The article was written by Sabrina Rubin Erdely.

Brewer’s Sundance hit Hustle & Flow, led him to direct Black Snake and Footloose. He was one of the writers on the upcoming Tarzan, which is being directed by David Yates. And he’s also directing a pilot episode titled Boomerang for Fox. The pilot stars Felicity Huffman and Anthony Lapaglia.

Source: Deadline
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