Sisters Doing It For Themselves: Kylie Minogue vs Dannii Minogue

It has been said in the past that if there was a hypothetical CD that Kylie Minogue would be the A-side and her younger sister, Dannii, would be the B-side.

A fictitious sisterly rivalry created by the tabloids in the early 1990s saw Kylie and Dannii pitted against each other in terms of looks, style, music and career progression – that often saw the former come out on top.

But in 2013, with both sisters vehemently denying any envy or jealousy of each others personal or professional lives, I’m having a look at how the popularity gap has narrowed tremendously between the two Minogue sisters.

Dannii’s Looks

At the beginnings of Dannii Minogue’s career, she was Australia’s sweetheart. Appearing on Young Talent Time as a permanent cast member, she captured the hearts of millions of viewers a week and became one of the most sought after talents in the nation.
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