Where were today's digital feminists in 'Women Who Make America'? | Jill Filipovic

The PBS documentary on feminist history was inspiring – until it reached the present day. So tell us what you think was missing

Tuesday night's PBS Makers documentary on feminist history was powerful, inspiring, infuriating and hilarious. Watching the fabulous feminists of the 1960s and 70s raise hell, often with more than a wink of humor and creativity, and seeing how quickly they toppled institutions and shifted social mores felt electric.

Then came the galvanizing moments of Anita Hill's bravery in testifying against Clarence Thomas, of Geraldine Ferraro accepting the vice-presidential nomination, of Hillary Clinton declaring that women's rights and human rights are one and the same – I was alternately cheering and yelling at the TV. The details of the abortion rights movement, with 5,000 women dying every year before Roe and hundreds of thousands more injured, and the endless post-Roe violence at the hands of "pro-life" activists who still scream at women,
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