Torchwood: 4 Ways To Bring Back Captain Jack

Torchwood (a clever anagram of “Doctor Who”) is the award-winning spin off from Doctor Who that stars Scottish actor, John Barrowman, as Captain Jack Harkness and Welsh actress, Eve Myles as Gwen Cooper.

2011 saw the show take off to America for an all-new series titled Torchwood: Miracle Day. It was received by millions worldwide and left everyone hungry for more. The series saw the story of the day when the human race stopped dying over a ten episode period.

However, now in the care of American TV company, Starz, the BBC no longer have any power over bringing the show back. The only person who does is its creator, Russell T Davies. He’s given many interviews on the subject and none of them lead us to believe the show will be returning anytime soon. He claims it was “personal reasons” that brought him back to Wales.

Let’s take

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