TV on Tap: "American Horror Story" Pursues Kathy Bates, Lee Pace Picks an AMC Pilot and Lindsay Lohan Signs Up for "Anger Management"

Looks like this is the season of Psych where shippers grab Shawn and Gus, push them together

and demand, "Now, kiss!"


AMC has (at least) two period dramas in development. Turn is a show set during the American Revolution, following the spies of the Culper Ring while Halt and Catch Fire is set in 1980s Silicon Valley. Both shows added to their cast recently. Billy Elliott star Jamie Bell has joined Turn as the cabbage farmer who ends up organizing the spy ring. Meanwhile, Lee Pace has been recruited for the lead role in Halt and Catch Fire.

As Netflix is getting ready to debut new episodes of Arrested Development, the streaming video service is warning that this may be a one-time event, saying that while they'd be open to another season, getting the cast together took a lot of effort. They don't want to promise they could manage
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