Analyze This: Why 'Argo' Won Best Picture, Ang Lee Won Best Director & More 2013 Oscar Fallout

One could suggest that we and other pundits have exhausted the conversation around the 85th Academy Awards. We might not argue with that, but while we've had plenty of opportunities to examine the surprises, the snubs, the show itself, both its best/worst moments and how it can improve, we personally haven't looked closely at why the outcomes landed where they did (you can see the full list of winners here). And now that the dust has settled, we wanted to analyze why "Argo" won Best Picture and take a general deeper dive into some of the winners. So, why did the part-dramatic-cia-nail-biter, part-Hollywood-satire and part-‘70s-political-thriller-homage win Best Picture over all comers? Well, as always, there were several factors at play. The Ben Affleck Sympathy Card As you know by now, Affleck has gone from mid-aughts Us Weekly punchline to one of today's most celebrated mainstream American directors. Hollywood adores a second act story,
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