Benjamin Bratt Interview: 'Size Doesn't Matter'

Actor Benjamin Bratt says he'll play a good character regardless of the size of the role.

Bratt plays a bit part as as Juan Carlos ‘El Topo’ Pintera, a Mexican drug dealer in Snitch starring Dwayne Johnson. He first played a cartel leader, Juan Obregon, in Steven Soderbergh's Traffic in a similar capacity with little on-screen time.

CineMovie asked Benjamin Bratt if he considered not taking the role because of the similarity to the previous role. The former Law & Order star acknowledges that both roles are very similar in the presentation of the character. In both movies, the character’s name is bandied about throughout the story so it feels like a much bigger character, but his on-screen time was limited to two to four scenes. During the interview, Bratt joked that his agent whined that he was on-screen for about

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