Update: Star Wars: Are Alfonso Cuaron And Simon Pegg Involved?

There's not too much to report on here aside from what I already put across in the teaser, but Jim Dorey of Marketsaw - who have been spot on with big franchise scoops in the past - reckons both Alfonso Cuaron and Simon Pegg will be involved in the new Star Wars films. Cuaron is a director, so obviously we'll assume he's lined up to helm one of the movies, but which one? Dorey strongly hints that it will be either episode VIII or Episode IX, but there's always the chance it could be one of the spin-offs we've heard so much about. Then there's Pegg, who plays Scotty in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek movies. Pegg is also a huge Star Wars fan, so with Abrams jumping ship it doesn't seem to far fetched that Pegg would follow him, but who might be in line to play? If this is accurate,
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