Russell Crowe Talks Man Of Steel On The Tonight Show, Plus Superman Was Bullied As A Teen

"Man of Steel, yeah. It's a reboot of the franchise with Zack Snyder who did the 300 film and a young English fellow name Henry Cavill. Superman or Kal-el as I would call him because he's my son - times have changed, I'm Superman's dad....To be able to find out that at his core and center that he has that sort of humility is a wonderful moment. " via The Tonight Show In other news, Zack Snyder's film school has a short interview with Pete Ross actor Jack Foley where it's revealed that his character will be bully a young Clark before the two become friends. via Related Content: Lois Lane Married In Man Of Steel? Henry Cavill On Man Of Steel New Man Of Steel Trailer Man Of Steel To Recieve The Post Conversion Treatment Running Time: Unknown Release Date: 14 June 2013 (USA) MPAA Rating: Unknown Starring: Henry Cavill,
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