How I Met Your Mother Review: Plus None

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I've been waiting all week to see Barney's homage to the 1989 comedic classic Weekend at Bernie's.  

Marshall and Ted did Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman's roles justice, absolutely nailing the costumes. Barney's performance was on another level, though. He was a dead ringer (pardon the pun) for Bernie Lomax, head tilt and all. If Terry Kiser was watching from his home in Colorado tonight, I have no doubt he would have loved "Weekend at Barney's." 

The storylines were pretty straight forward by this show's standards. Lily took another step down her new career path with Marshall at her side. Robin realized that while some less-than-ideal things about Barney will never change, neither will the fact that he loves her. And Ted finally reached the point where he was ready to settle down. 

Last week Lily broke down and shared her regrets with Marshall about her path in life.

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