Bunheads Review: Paradise Lost

  • TVfanatic
What a comeback. It's a shame that the previous seven episodes of Bunheads Season 1 weren't as fulfilling as "Next!," as I think it would have strengthened the chances of renewal.

Mind you, I have no idea what the chances of renewal are, but this was a stand out finale filled with warmth, humor and incredible emotion. Sadly, we've been light on hours showcasing what this show can really produce.

Let's start by talking about Milly and Truly. We've finally seen some growth there! Just when I thought Milly was going to continue to be completely useless. I mean, she was talking about getting a job for Truly on an assembly line or pouring concrete. It was hard to believe she'd never thought about investing in her sister's talent.

As strange as Truly is, the one thing that cannot be argued is her ability to throw together a fashion for the
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