Interview: Director Kristi Jacobson Sets ‘A Place at the Table’

Chicago – One of the strangest problems in the United States, the richest country in the world, is “food insecurity.” Millions of Americans, lost in economic or working poverty, can’t keep pace with their food needs. The new documentary “A Place at the Table” dissects this social problem, and is co-directed by Kristi Jacobson.

Using telling statistics and personal stories, Jacobson – with her co-director Lori Silverbush – sheds light on a problem that seems to be expanding rather than in control. Several problems associated with food insecurity – including obesity, inadequate school lunch programs and general nutrition – are increasing in an America that subsidizes corporation farming, but slashes aid to the poor.

Actor and Activist Jeff Bridges in ‘A Place at the Table

Photo credit: Magnolia Pictures

Kristi Jacobson is a veteran producer, and also directed a notable documentary in 2006 on her grandfather, the legendary New York City tavern owner Toots Shor
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