Community Season 4 - Episode 3 Review

Scott Davis continues his look at the new series of Community with a review of episode 3, which aired in the Us last week...

"The question isn't where Constable, but when..."

It's weird to think that we are now a quarter of the way through season 4 of Community. Only 12 or so episodes commissioned this time, with even more emphasis on cranking up the high-jinks at Greendale.

So far, it's been rather disappointing, and as I have said in my previous two reviews, somehow the magic is lacking in this 4th semester.

Thankfully, episode 3 sees a somewhat return to form. For the second episode in a row, we are away from Greendale, with the gang all in tow for a visit to an Inspector Spacetime convention.

Troy and Britta are now firmly a "having sex" couple (though never kissing on screen) in secret, trying to protect Abed from the truth. But Abed is smarter than such falsehoods,
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