Morning Brew - Mon. Feb. 25: Vogue's new lesbian spread, Da Brat premieres "All Hoes Everything"

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Good morning! I'm so out of whack from traveling across the country to Philadelphia and back over the weekend. But I promise I have a lot of great things to share with you from that experience, so look out for it later today.

One of the people I met at the Lgbt Media conference is Faith Cheltenham, who wrote this rad piece about black bisexual women for The Huffington Post. I've co-opted Faith to write some pieces for AfterEllen, so stay tuned!

Out Ufc fighter Liz Carmouche lost her big fight over the weekend, but she went down with a rainbow mouthpiece. She tweeted that she might be down, but not out.

I gave 100% tonight. Thank you for your support! I shall return. #lizbos

— Liz Carmouche (@iamgirlrilla) February 24, 2013

Suze Orman penned an important piece for CNN about how much gay Americans end up paying in taxes.
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