Oscars 2013 Review: ‘Argo,’ ‘Life Of Pi’ Win Big At Terrible Telecast

Every year, as of late, the Academy Awards put on a show attempting to ‘reinvent’ or ‘reinvigorate’ their telecast, and every year, they come up pretty dramatically short – sometimes more staggeringly than others.

Tonight, I am sad to report, was one of their bigger misfires; perhaps not as completely, overwhelmingly inept as the year James Franco and Anne Hathaway co-hosted, but filled with more than enough bad jokes, uncomfortable moments, terrible writing, and technical incompetence to make the experience largely painful. I do not like the Oscars even during the best of times, but this was a particularly bad telecast, for instead of trying to reinvent their image in any substantive way, the Academy simply decided to phone it in this year.

It all starts, it must be said, with a truly awful host: Seth MacFarlane. I do not, as a point of full disclosure, like MacFarlane, finding him a mediocre comedian at best,
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