Capcom Unveils Panta Rhei Engine and ‘Deep Down’ for the PlayStation 4

By Joseph Leray

During their PlayStation 4 announcement press conference, Sony trotted out Yoshinori Ono -- the producer of the “Street Fighter IV” series -- let the proverbial cat of out Capcom’s bag.

The bulk of Ono’s presentation charted out Capcom’s progress over the years with regards to Sony’s various platforms: the 3D modeling possible on the original PlayStation, for example, paved the way for the “Resident Evil” series, and the Vita’s online capabilities were fundamental to the success of “Monster Hunter.” Explaining that the PlayStation 4 would usher in a “new era of entertainment,” Ono also announced Capcom’s brand new, proprietary Panta Rhei game engine.

Ono described Panta Rhei -- which, sidebar, is the best codename I think I’ve ever heard -- as “an evolutionary step from the Mt Framework engine,” which was used for almost every Capcom-developed game on the PS3 and Xbox
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