Are there no depths to which Danny Dyer won't plummet?

Run for Your Wife is already a contender for worst Britfilm ever made, but could that have been the cunning plan all along?

After the fashion of any self-respecting prime minister, I have not actually seen the thing on which I am about to pass judgment.

In my defence, nor has anyone else. Or rather, a mere £747 worth of cinemagoers have – for it is Run for Your Wife, a film some are already calling the worst Britflick ever made. Which gives you a sense of the scale of its horror.

A movie version of the Ray Cooney farce, Run for Your Wife was billed as a "Danny Dyer comedy vehicle" – and if that didn't suggest the brakes were cut from the start, the presence of 'Allo 'Allo's Vicki Michelle as executive producer should have. (Having said that, Lost in Showbiz does have a soft spot for Vicki Michelle, not so
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