Special Features - Watching fifteen Godzilla movies or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Monsters

David Bishop reflects on his 15 movie Godzilla marathon...

If you've been reading fellow Flickering Myth writer Luke Owen’s various articles, you’ll know that Luke, our partner in crime Jon Lipscombe and I undertake a movie marathon each month. For February we chose Godzilla, or, more specifically, the first fifteen Godzilla movies. As there are twenty-nine altogether, we felt that splitting the series into more manageable, bite-sized, pieces was the way to go. Although, as I’ll discuss later on, fifteen films with virtually the same plot (and in some cases the same footage) was perhaps a film or five, too many.

After watching the trailer for Del Toro’s upcoming Kaiju film, Pacific Rim, fifteen Godzilla movies, over the course of twenty-six hours, seemed like a really tantalising idea. However, as the hours ticked by, and the sight of men in rubber suits throwing rocks at each other got more and more tedious,
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