Comic Book Review - Judge Dredd #4

Chris Cooper reviews the latest issue of Idw's Judge Dredd...

"Kidnappers are jacking the DNA of some of Mega-City One's most elite citizens, then growing clones to torture on live TV -- unless the elite pay up big-time. There's only one Judge tough enough to stop them, and he's just signed on to be the bagman. But a double-cross within the Justice Department sends Dredd straight into the crosshairs of hundreds of perps who would love to relieve a Judge of all that money."

When I reviewed issue #3 last month, I wondered if Judge Dredd was hitting its stride. So now that I've read #4. Is it?

Well....this isn't going to be the longest of reviews, as they issue wraps up the first arc pretty sharpish. The main story is only 15 pages long, which is enough time to show Dredd getting out of his predicament, kill a few bad guys,
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