Pusher Blu-Ray Review

  • HeyUGuys
Remakes usually strike whilst the iron is hot when it comes to popular foreign films. The Ring for example came out within four years of the release of the Japanese original and the same with The Grudge. So it’s curious that a British remake of a low-key 1996 Danish thriller should only now be making its way to release. I mean there has even already been a Hindi remake of this for god’s sake.

The release of the remake of Pusher probably has more to do with the current clout of the original’s director Nicholas Winding Refn (who produces here) thanks to the success of Drive. I haven’t seen the original Pusher so can’t comment on whether this is faithful or worthy of the first, however it’s a very different film from Drive and shouldn’t be judged against that film as it does both films a disservice.
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