10 Young Actresses Who Are Ready For Oscar Glory

Before you roll your eyes at yet another Academy Awards post, let me hook you by the promise that this article is guaranteed to be at least somewhat divisive as well as an enticing combination of facts-based and subjective. So let me encourage you now to start figuring out in what ways you’re going to argue with me in the comments section.

When it comes to Best Actress, the Oscars skew younger dramatically more than with the male counterparts. The average age of a Best Actress winner is 35 and a half, which is almost a decade younger than Best Actor winners. We could debate the reasons for this, but clearly youth and beauty play a part in not only who wins that golden statuette, but who gets the juicy roles that lead to awards recognition.

Yes, Meryl Streep won last year (probably at least in part a “career win

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