Parkville Pictures’ Borrowed Time seeks a Theatrical Release through Kickstarter

  • HeyUGuys
Having made a slew of short films in recent years, and collaborated with Noah and the Whale on the immaculate The First Days of Spring, Parkville Pictures have recently been working with debut writer-director Jules Bishop on their first feature, Borrowed Time.

The film had an eighteen-day production back in the summer of 2011, with the help of Film London and the BBC Films Microwave scheme, shot for £120,000.

Fast forward a year, and the film had finally been completed, and now it’s ready for distribution. The path to distribution is of course an incredibly difficult one, especially for independent films like this one, and so Parkville have decided to become their own distributors, and raise the money for the task through Kickstarter.

Projects like these are becoming increasingly common – we’ve just recently seen the Kickstarter project for The Uncle Ruckus Movie, from The Boondocks creator, Andrew MacGruder – and they
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