Christian Bale To Challenge Tom Hardy With His Own Mount Everest Movie

Though he's most famous for playing the bulked-up and growling Batman, Christian Bale has spent plenty of time putting himself through much worse onscreen, starving himself to play the lead in both The Machinist and Werner Herzog's Rescue Dawn, as a pilot shot down during the Vietnam War and captured by villagers. Whatever it is that drives Bale to act, part of it includes self-punishment-- and he's aiming to do it again in another movie based on a true story, this time set atop Mount Everest. Remember Jon Krakauer's ubiquitous book Into Thin Air? According to Deadline the story behind it will soon become a movie, with Bale now in talks to star. Icelandic director Baltasar Kormakur, who recently made The Deep in his native land and also directed the Mark Wahlberg vehicle Contraband, is already set to direct. The film won't actually be based on Krakauer's book,
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