90210 Review: Confronting the Past

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Remember that time when Naomi and Annie found out they had a half brother in common? Don't worry, I almost didn't either, but luckily "Brother From Another Mother" triggered those memories.

Think back to 90210 season 1 when the big secret was that Naomi's mom slept with Annie and Dixon's dad. The result was a child given up for adoption who was a few years older. I know, the writers must really have been digging to drag a storyline back from a few years ago. 

Oh, hey, Wolfgang!

So Naomi, being the persistently proactive doer that she is, goes out and tracks down their half brother Mark. Annie feels blindsided. Dixon isn't affected much at all and sees how Naomi would want to find him. Maybe it's because Dixon knows that he always has Annie to lean on. Cue to collective "awww!"

Naomi is lonely and after what she's been through I don't blame her.
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