For Your Consideration: Les Miserables Lost Best Picture The Moment Russell Crowe Opened His Mouth

From now until the Friday before the Oscars we'll be running daily pieces about why a film does or does not deserve Best Picture. We've had speak up for Michael Haneke's Amour, Mack chimed in against Django Unchained while Eric stuck up for it, and Sean vouched for the magic of Beasts of the Southern Wild. Now Rich has a bone to pick with Les Miserables, or at least one member of its cast. It's no secret. The Academy loves musicals. Not only that, but they love awarding musicals with Best Picture statuettes. The history speaks for itself as nine musicals have won best picture in the history of the Academy Awards. That may not seem like a lot in the span of 85 years, but when you measure it against other genres like comedy or fantasy, well, the odds are definitely in the musical's favor. I mean, seriously, how
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