Kevin Smith Now Considering Turning 'Clerks' Into A Book Instead Of Another Movie

Decisiveness, it seems, hasn’t been high on Kevin Smith’s New Year agenda. First, the third installment of his cult franchise, "Clerks," was going to be a feature film, then a 6-monther on Broadway, then - nope, actually – an online serial (all of this following his announced retirement from directing). Now, just as fans thought he couldn’t toy with them any longer, Smith has undertaken one (last?) change of tack: "Clerks" – the book. Smith isn’t one to be bogged down with industry or even societal conventions – "There is something to be said for productive stoner activities," he remarked during an appearance on the online chat show, "What’s Trending?" on Friday – but his methods have an undeniable knack for getting the job done. His Sundance and Cannes winner, "Clerks," was made for $27,000 and filmed in the same convenience store Smith himself had tended, and subsequent View...
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