Ripper Street Episode 7 Review: A Man Of My Company

Last night we saw the penultimate episode of Ripper Street unfold, and what a tragic day it was for Whitechapel’s H Division. An ominous episode, was A Man Of My Company, that was littered with twists and secrecy focused around the mysterious past of Captain Homer Jackson (Adam Rothenberg) and his companion and love, Long Susan (MyAnna Buring).

The sixth episode, Tournament Of Shadows, questioned the identity of Homer Jackson, as Constantine claimed he was not who he says and that he was not a Pinkerton. Also the ring, inscribed with the name of Matthew Judge, that appeared in the second episode (In My Protection) pointed to Jackson being this man Judge, the man whom the Pinkerton’s have been searching for. The situation is exacerbated at the opening of ‘A Man of My Company’ when an American businessman Theodore P. Swift (Ian McElhinney, another actor pulled out of

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