Doctor Who: The Ark In Space - Special Edition review

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Review Andrew Blair Feb 18, 2013

A classic, Alien-like Doctor Who story gets another DVD release. Here's Andrew's review of The Ark In Space - Special Edition...

The Ark In Space was originally released on DVD in 2002, near the start of the Doctor Who DVD range, and has now been spruced up, remastered, and given new bonus features. So, for those of us who already own a copy, what does this new edition offer to make it worth buying?

If you like that sort of thing, the picture quality is distinctly improved: crisp, colourful, enhancing little moments such as laser flashes, skin texture and sideburns.

As a story, The Ark In Space has similarities with Alien, but Doctor Who has a very different approach; it's body horror and sci-fi for a Universal-certificate. What it demonstrates, though, is that 'Modern Who' has been around for ages. It's a story about humanity, where love saves the day,
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